Sheet Fighter — Alpha Update 3.10.2022

TO THE READERS — First Time Writer, Long Time Reader

(Bear with me)

Alpha Report Highlights

Going to very briefly explain what the heck this project is (although who really even knows), look at some fundamentals, and examine the latest announcement. Together I am hoping we can take a look at the history of the project, check the pulse, and see if we can identify where it’s heading.

Financial Highlights

The collection is down roughly 70% from the average ATH seen just a few weeks ago when it launched. Volume has shriveled like my plant that I forgot to water at the office. The team does have a significant war chest (520ETH), with 75ETH in royalties on OS alone.

Operating Highlights

Approximately 56% of the entire collection is currently staked, with roughly 2% of the collection currently listed for sale. Each of these staked tokens are generating $CELL, which soon will have its first use case, if the recent announcements come to fruition.

Looking Ahead

One important takeaway: I am not a registered financial advisor, and it is not my intent to give you financial advice whatsoever through this report. I have made many bad financial decisions (eyes forward though bb) in this space, and this report is geared towards starting a discussion amongst the Web 3 community about the Sheet Fighter project. Do your own research. Now let’s figure out what the heck is going on with this project.

This guy appears to be looking at my hidden folder and talking to my therapist.

Project Highlights

Posted Roadmap on their website with what’s been completed marked off:

My understanding is that FonkyDonk is affiliated with Anonymice. Good vibes from team in Discord

Staking Rundown

Max of 10 staked tokens per wallet


Last announcement on 3.04.2022

Link to discord announcement

  • New “immersive experience”
  • Hints at possible surprise with new website launch
Thinking the Polygon network trouble could potentially impact this
  • I have been picking floor Sheets back up from .055-.07
Tool snapshot from (one of the best tools around, IMO)



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